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The Moonlight Trail

Heavenly experiences in Zauchensee

Are you “moonstruck” or you always wanted to learn more about our nightly companion? Then Zauchensee is the right place for you! The forests of the Zauch Valley with its rushing waterfalls and unique landscapes set the scene for this exciting and eventful rambling tour, the “Moonlight Trail”.

At seven stations along the “Moonlight Trail” there are amazing answers to questions that adults and children like to know:

  • Observatory with viewing platform
  • Herbs in the moon crater
  • Health living with the moon
  • The moon circle in the 12 signs of the zodiac
  • Moon playground
  • Moon roundabout
  • Energy filling station Wood and vibration bridge

The start of the Moon World Experience is at the welcome point at Zauchensee lakeside. Here begins the 2.2 kilometer long round tour which is easy to walk (walking time: 1.5 hours). You can observe the stars once a week when the sky is clear and cloudless. In winter too, the moon trail is a special tip for snowshoe trekkers.

Für eventuelle Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung!

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